Union City little league team struggling to recover after former treasurer arrested for embezzlement

A little league in Union City is struggling to recover after their former treasurer is accused of embezzling thousands of dollars from the organization.

Union City Police said Nancy Morgan, 40, allegedly embezzled more than $30,000 from the league for nearly two years. The president of the little league, Veronica Perez, said the red flags started in August 2018 after Morgan failed to tell the board how much money they made from a fundraiser. The board ultimately called the bank and noticed unusual charges.

“It blindsided us,” Perez said. “Nobody wanted to believe it and when we had it all there in black and white we knew that we had to do something. We couldn’t just let it go.”

Perez reported the incident to the Union City Police Department in September 2018, around the same time that Morgan’s term as treasurer ended.

Lt. Steve Mendez said investigators spoke with Morgan who initially denied the accusations and claimed she was innocent. Court documents show Morgan said the league’s bank card was stolen for three days in July 2018 and that she allowed other board members to make purchases. Morgan later admitted to making multiple Amazon purchases, a rental car purchase, a purchase for a multi-night stay at a resort in Reno, and paying for her personal Comcast service bill, according the court documents. The documents also state that Morgan claimed she used the little league’s bank card by mistake and reimbursed the league for the charges she made, but was unable to provide proof.

After a six month investigation, Morgan was arrested in March 2019 and charged with felony embezzlement and grand theft of personal property. KTVU tried reaching Morgan at her house in Union City, but no one answered the door.

Lt. Mendez said other organizations told investigators that Morgan may have been a suspect in similar crimes prior to this case, but no charges were ever filed.

“The reason why was because those entities did not involve the police because they made an agreement with her to have her pay back some of the funds,” Mendez said.

Perez said due to the loss of funds they were unable to pay rent on a storage unit for three months. The unit housed equipment, all-star uniforms, collector pins, and championship banners for the past 60 years. The little league raised money to pay the storage company, but the unit was auctioned off in December, one day before the league came up with the funds.

“Whoever purchased the storage unit at auction… if they still have the banners… the banners is what we’re looking for the most,” she said. “Those have sentimental value.”

Perez said there are lessons learned from this. They now triple check purchases, which require a board vote, and make sure all receipts are provided. She said the organization is roughly $15,000 in debt because of the ordeal. She said Morgan’s alleged actions were disrespectful to the board and to the more than 100 children who are a part of the little league.

“It’s sad and all these boys want to do is play,” she added.