United flight diverts to SFO after smoke detected

A United Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Hong Kong was re-routed to San Francisco on Friday because smoke was detected onboard, the airline said to KTVU.

Flight 801 landed safely at SFO "and the travelers disembarked after an indication from a smoke detector," United's statement said. "The airport fire department and medical personnel met the aircraft out of an abundance of caution."

United did not explain what was the source of the smoke.

The Boeing 787 was carrying 176 passengers and 13 crew members, United said. 

The trip was rerouted to San Francisco International Airport about 90 minutes after taking off from Los Angeles, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.


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As promised, San Francisco's city attorney sued Oakland on Thursday for planning to rename its airport as San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport.

Ultimately, the remainder of the flight was canceled.

Airplanes are equipped with smoke detectors, including in cabin restrooms. Travelers are routinely warned before flights take off that smoking in lavatories is not permitted.