Urban farm program's $55k trailer recovered from chop shop in Oakland

A $55,000 refrigerated trailer used by the Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs' Activities League to help parolees and others stay out of jail was recovered Thursday night in Oakland, sheriff's officials said. 
The trailer was stolen Saturday and found at a chop shop at 276 Hegenberger Road where another trailer owned by the Fast Freddie Foundation was also found along with nine stolen vehicles and other stolen property.
Divers are searching a canal near the chop shop where a duffle bag with weapons may have been thrown, Alameda County sheriff's spokesman Ray
Kelly said.
The trailer is used as part of the Dig Deep Farms program where food is grown on vacant land and sold for low prices to the parolees and probationers and others in a low-income community.
When police discovered the trailer it was damaged and camouflaged with tarps.
Kelly said it can be repaired.
Two suspects were arrested and a third escaped. The three appear to be part of a ring of thieves selling stolen parts on the black market.
Deputies are working to reunite the property with its owners.
"It's never a good idea to steal a trailer that belongs to the cops because we're going to come after you and get our trailer back," Kelly said.