USPS launches ‘Operation Santa’ to allow you to buy gifts for low-income children

"Operation Santa" (photo: USPS)

This year it could be you reading children’s wish lists to Santa through a program by United States Postal Service. 

‘Operation Santa’ launched on Monday and allows anyone to anonymously adopt a letter from a low-income family or an individual child online. 

Starting Dec. 4, the post office is making it easier to do this as a collaborative effort between co-workers and friends. 

USPS will even act as Santa for you and handle packing and shipping at participating post offices. 

Fox News reports the online program isn’t all that new. Although this is the first year, they are making it nationwide. In 2017, the program launched in New York, but the first “Operation Santa” dates back to 1912. 

Everything you need to know about Operation Santa is on the USPS website. Maybe you will spread some holiday cheer to those in need this year?