Vacaville police shoot twice at driver of stolen minivan

Vacaville police shot a man in two different locations, whom they say stole a car and wouldn't stop.

Lt. Mark Donaldson said the man is still alive and taken to the hospital.

The pursuit started about 1:30 a.m. Thursday when police got a tip from the California Highway Patrol that a minivan had been stolen out of San Francisco and was driving near Fairfield on Interstate Highway 80.

The driver wouldn't stop, police said, and at one point, took the Alamo Drive ramp into Vacaville city streets.

An officer shot at the driver, when he approached Elmira Road and Edwin Drive, Donaldson said. 

But the driver was OK enough at that point to take off again. He drove near county lines near Meridian and McCrory roads.

He ended up landing in a ditch, Donaldson said, and the driver ended up running away.

Another officer fired at this point, Donaldson said, and this time, the driver was struck. He was taken to Kaiser by ambulance. He was conscious and breathing on the way there, Donaldson said. 

It was unclear if the driver was armed, Donaldson said. No one else was in the minivan.