Valero to pay air district for noncompliance violations

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District announced on Thursday that Valero Refining Co. will be paying $142,000 to settle violations at its refinery in Benicia.

The corporation had 20 notices of violation issued for non-compliance with air quality regulations at its operations, according to a release from the air district. 

These violations largely took place in 2015 and were corrected soon after they were discovered.

These notices of violations included eight violations involving brief overreaches of emissions limits, three violations of minor hydrocarbon leaks from storage tanks or lines, two violations involving errors in an inspection database that resulted in missed leak inspections, five violations related to administration, one violation of a failed monitor accuracy test and one violation for failure to meet a permit limit for hydrocarbon emissions from the wastewater plant. 

All violations have been corrected and all settlement funds will be used to fund air district activities such as the inspection and enforcement activities that led to the settlement in the first place, according to the statement.