Vallejo police arrest carjack suspect as employee details customer's SUV

Vallejo police arrest a carjacking suspect while an employee was detailing a car. March 5, 2024 Photo: Vallejo police

Vallejo police have arrested a carjacking suspect as the victim was detailing a customer's Toyota Sienna.

Police said they booked Latrice Billingsley, 40, on suspicion of carjacking on March 5 in the 100 block of Lauren Street.

The man who was doing the detailing told police that a woman jumped into the Sienna as he was working on it.

He said he tried to stop her, but she was too quick: She turned on the SUV, because the keys were in the ignition, and drove away.

Meanwhile, the man said he was trying to get her out of the car, but he was dragged by the Toyota Sienna for about 20 feet, although he told police he didn't get too hurt. 

Police spotted the Sienna being driven near the intersection of Sonoma Boulevard and Lemon Street. 

Police started chasing the Sienna for about 30 seconds, and then Billingsley ultimately surrendered.

The Sienna's owner recovered the SUV. 

Billingsley was booked into the county jail.