Vallejo police fatally shoot father of 2 during 'violent physical struggle'

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Ronell Foster, 32, of Vallejo. Photo: Uncle

An investigation is under way in Vallejo after a police officer shot and killed a man who was riding a bike during a "violent physical struggle" on Tuesday night that stemmed from what relatives described as a domestic violence dispute call.

The man's uncle identified him as Ronell Foster, 32, a father of two.

"They basically executed him," Ronald Jackson said.

Added Foster's girlfriend, Latoya Jones: "I just want to know why did they did this. I'm just hurt." 

The domestic call was related to Foster and the mother of one of his children. 

The deadly police shooting started when an officer stopped a man riding his bike near Marin and Florida streets about 7:40 p.m. and said the man ditched his bike and took off running.  According to a relative, police were called after a call of a domestic dispute between the man and his girlfriend.

The officer chased after that  him and caught up with him about a block away. That’s where what authorities describe as a "violent physical struggle."

During that altercation -- the officer fired his gun -- striking the man who ultimately died at the scene.  Lt. Kenny Park later updated the police account of what happened, but refused to return at least two phone calls from KTVU seeking further clarification.

In the department news release, police said that the officer involved deployed his Taser, but it was "ineffective." It was at that point that the suspect "managed to forcibly take away a metal flashlight from the officer and armed himself with it, presenting it in a threatening mannger."

The officer, Park said, "fearing imminent and serious physical harm," then fired his gun in self-defense.

The officer has been put on leave.