Vallejo police receive overwhelming number of complaints about recent sideshows

The Vallejo Police Department on Friday reported the department has been responding to sideshow activity recently.

Police said large groups of cars are participating in sideshows at various intersections throughout the city.

The department is getting an overwhelming number of calls for service and complaints about the sideshows, police said.

Police estimate there are approximately 100 vehicles and at least 300 people involved in any given sideshow, and participants have thrown bottles and explosive fireworks at responding officers.

Officers have also heard gunfire when responding to sideshows, according to the police department.

Some areas where the incidents have occurred include Fairgrounds Drive, Sonoma Boulevard, Lake Herman Road and Maple Street.

Vallejo police are working with agencies including the California Highway Patrol, the Solano County Sheriff's Office and the American Canyon Police Department to issue citations, seize vehicles and make arrests to help address the illegal sideshows.