3 shot during chaotic chase in East Bay

Three people were hurt after their vehicle was shot at and chased from Richmond to El Cerrito, ultimately leading to a collision, according to police.

The chase started at 1st Street and Macdonald Avenue in Richmond and extended across a span of 50 city blocks, almost three miles. The cars raced into neighboring El Cerrito where the victims' vehicle crashed into a parked car near Mono Avenue.

Suspects in a black 4-door crossover, possibly an Acura ZDX, opened fire on the victims during the chase, and after they crashed, said El Cerrito Police Chief Paul Keith.

"I have to say, the victims told us they estimated it was about 50 rounds total," Keith said. "Not only do we have these victims in the car, but we also have a residential neighborhood that feels frightened, terrified. This is a shocking thing to happen in the middle of an otherwise quiet Sunday night."

Keith said the victims have no idea why they were chased and shot at.

"Early indications are this was a case of mistaken identity," the chief said. It kind of looked like a case of in the wrong place at the wrong time." 


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Residents and businesses along Macdonald Avenue are being asked by police to check if they have surveillance footage of the incident.

Both the El Cerrito Police Department and the Richmond Police Department are investigating.

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