Victims recall deadly shooting during Gilroy Garlic Festival

Two gunshot victims who survived the deadly shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California said Thursday they saw the shooter from an obstacle course and were running away barefoot when they were hit.  

Friends Brynn Ota-Mathews, 23, and Gabriella Gaus, 26, said at a hospital news conference that they still can't comprehend the tragedy that left three people dead and 12 wounded.

"There isn't a moment I'm awake I haven't thought about this," Gaus said. "It feels very surreal still."

She was discharged Sunday from St. Louise Regional Hospital after doctors treated her gunshot wounds and scrapes.

She and Ota-Mathews said they didn't look back as they ran from the shooter. 

"I saw him with the gun," Gaus said. "I just like stared and he started rapid firing and I was like, `let's go!"'

The young women said the gunman appeared to be a "trained military professional." They were surprised to hear he was a teenager.

"It hurts me, it hurts me for his family," Ota-Mathews said.

Gaus said she wondered if the tragedy could have been avoided if someone had checked on the gunman's mental wellbeing.

"That's a reminder to me," she said. "Check in on your friends." 

Doctors expected to discharge Ota-Mathews later in the day from Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. She was struck in the back with a bullet that will remain lodged in her liver.

Three other victims remained hospitalized at the Santa Clara site. Two more are still at Stanford Medical Center and the Regional Medical Center in San Jose.  

The FBI has not determined why 19-year-old gunman Santino William Legan opened fire at the weekend festival. 

Two profilers arrived Wednesday to help determine a motive as investigators combed through the crime scene that covers more than 25 acres.