Victims wounded in Gilroy shooting are improving, 7 remain hospitalized

Seven people who were shot at the Gilroy Garlic Festival remained hospitalized Wednesday. 

The majority of the gunshot victims are being treated at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, where the hospital spokeswoman said most of their conditions have improved.

"They range in condition from good to serious, which means they're all doing better. Two patients have asked no information be released about them," said Santa Clara County Health System spokeswoman Joy Alexiou.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center is treating four gunshot victims, Stanford Hospital is treating two, and Regional Medical Center in San Jose is caring for another victim, a man in serious condition. 

"We're a trauma center. We've seen gunshot wounds. We haven't seen seven in one day," said Alexiou.

But there are many other victims.

Not those with physical wounds but emotional ones, including high school athlete Vannesa Pineda from San Jose and her mother.

The 14-year-old high school student says she was volunteering at the festival Sunday selling garlic bread at a tent with nine members of the Andrew Hill High School wrestling team.

Pineda wishes she could remember the day like the happy Snapchat video she posted from earlier Sunday.

Instead, she can't get the shooting out of her head.

"I've been sleeping okay but just last night, I woke up crying. I was like, I just thought of it. I was like in shock," said Pineda.

Pineda's mother, Maria, decided to seek professional help for her daughter with grief counseling being offered by Santa Clara County.

"I am worried because she doesn't sleep at night, and she cries. And if she hears a helicopter she cries. Or a loud motorcycle that sounds like it, she cries. And she can't be left alone right now," Maria Pineda said through a translator.

Counseling is being offered in both San Jose and Gilroy.

"It's really important for people that are feeling stressed, feeling anxiety, feeling the affects of this event to seek help. We want them to be able to get better. We want them to be able to know how to deal with what they're feeling," said Alexiou.

The group Community Solutions will host a community support meeting 6 p.m. Wednesday in Gilroy.

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