Volunteers clean up Oakland, San Jose after weekend of violent demonstrations

After a weekend of looting and protests, dozens of people showed up in downtown Oakland on Sunday to help clean up the area.

Volunteers scrubbed storefronts and planted flowers along Broadway, where large groups of protesters had gathered and marched over the weekend.

Several nearby businesses and buildings were vandalized and looted. A Walgreens and car dealerships on Broadway were heavily damaged.  

In San Jose, many business owners also spent the weekend picking up the pieces following violent demonstrations.

 Vandals targeted dozens of businesses during demonstrations that took place on the streets of San Jose Friday night.

Dozens of volunteers, including Mayor Sam Liccardo, turned out to help the store owners in the big clean up project in the downtown area.

Those cleaning up said they believe there is a better way to get the message across that doesn't involve vandalism.

"I think it's really important the message we're trying to portray to America in response to the injustice of George Floyd," said Jessica Vo. "However, I think the message was lost through the violence and destruction."

San Jose police say they made 38 arrests during Friday night's violent demonstration.

Liccardo said police will give people space to protest, but the city will not tolerate violence or destruction of property.