Walgreen's leaves Bayview Shopping Plaza in San Francisco after 30 years

After 30 years of service at its Bayview San Francisco location, a Walgreen's store closed its doors for good on Monday. 

Some residents are less than thrilled that a cannabis dispensary is rumored to take the drug store's place at Bayview Shopping Center on Third Street. 

On its final day of business, not much remained on the shelves. 

"People will walk right in, you know, and they come in and just take a handful of drinks from my cooler and out they go," said Dan Quiocho, a Subway sandwich shop owner. 

From what he heard from employees, things weren't much different for the neighboring Walgreen's. The store apparently struggled with high theft rates. Quiocho said they've called security, but security has told them they can't do anything. 

"The police don't respond unless it's a thousand dollars or more in theft. So people go in, fill up shopping carts and just walk out. They don't run anymore," said Mel Washington the owner of Baycopy Plus. 

Walgreen's says its goal is to have the right stores in the right locations to provide the greatest value for its customers. The next closest Walgreen's store is 22 blocks away. 

"You've got so many seniors in the neighborhood that need this. If you take away the resources, you take away the neighborhood," said customer Jeffery George. 

One woman who works in the neighborhoods said she's sorry to see Walgreen's go. 

"I don't live here, but there's nowhere we can go just to grab some milk or whatever for the office, or coffee. These services are really vital for the community." 

Quiocho said he doesn't think brining in a cannabis dispensary would be good at all. George agreed. "You're only bringing another drug into the neighborhood. You're not helping people. You're hurting them."

Washington argued it wouldn't be good because Child Protective Services is upstairs at the location, Children Homeless Network and other organizations that have children. 

One resident hopes that the cannabis store will be more community involved than Walgreen's was. 

Almost one in four storefronts is vacant in San Francisco's Bayview District.