Walnut Creek police bring on extra patrols to downtown after weekend shooting incident

In response to two violent incidents that happened in downtown Walnut Creek Saturday and Sunday night, the Walnut Creek Police Department is adding six additional foot patrols to the downtown area.

Six extra foot patrols are spread out across the downtown area Friday and Saturday nights from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. in an effort to maintain the family-friendly, charming, and safe reputation of downtown Walnut Creek.

"Last weekend we had a couple of incidents of violence that has the community concerned, and our main goal is to just give people a feeling of safety," Jamie Knox, Walnut Creek police chief, said.

Sunday around 8:40 p.m. Walnut Creek police say officers responded after a man and woman left Modern China Cafe without paying their bill. The owner flagged the couple down across the street and receiving payment. But once the couple got into their black Kia sedan and began driving away, the man fired three shots from a handgun out of the front passenger window, according to police.  No one was hit, and no arrests have been made either. Police are utilizing security footage and asking for witnesses to come forward to help in their investigation. 

"It's actually a very safe place, and for that to have happened, it's an anomaly, and grateful that it doesn't happen every day," Patty Sherman, the owner of Stadium Pub across from Modern China Cafe, said. She heard the gunshots that night and was thankful police responded quickly.

Around 12:40 Saturday night, down the block from where the shooting occurred, a guard on duty at Dan's Irish Sports Bar was arrested for assault after police say he inflicted serious injuries on a patron who tried to force his way into the bar.

"I don't necessarily feel unsafe, but I like to see a town, especially the core of any town, thrive," Stephen Swallow, a resident of Walnut Creek said. More police would certainly go a long way toward it, so I'm all for it."

Walnut Creek Police reduced downtown patrols during COVID-19 shutdowns. Chief Knox says he's working to boost stating to match the bustling nightlife that's returned to the downtown area in recent months.

"These officers coming in tonight and tomorrow will be on overtime, but our goal is to you know look at our staffing and try to bolster that where we can," Knox said.