War heroes who paid ultimate price for freedom honored on Memorial Day

Today the nation paused to remember those who paid the ultimate price for our liberties.

The 4th Monday of May, Memorial Day 2019, is a time to stop, pause, and reflect on those who gave all.

Gold Star mother Roxane Langevin told those gathered about the qualities that made her son a hero, saying it wasn't her own life that flashed before her eyes when she learned he'd died in Afghanistan. "It was Sean's," said Langevin.

"23 years of his special life that be blessed us with, and continues to do so, even though he isn't here with us today."

Veterans say after all they've given, today is a day to remember those who never came home. "They tell me "thank you for your service." And "God bless," and stuff like that," said retired Master Sergeant Bob Sneathen.

"It's really for the ones that the ultimate sacrifice."

Families used the day as a reminder. Cub Scout Brianna Lim saying each name for each flower she lay.

"It's important to say their names because it's nice, and also you can remember them."

"My grandfather served in the Army, said Ralph Lim, her father. "We want to thank all our servicemen who served, and especially those who gave their lives in duty.

Veterans say they are gratified knowing their fellows in arms sacrifices will never be forgotten. "I'm not saying it's a lesson," said retired Colonel Jack Baumgaten "It's just a reminder that a lot of different generations have given a lot and maybe they should think about doing it as well."