Warriors fans get glimpse of 1975 Championship Trophy at Oakland bar

OAKLAND - Dubnation fans packed bars and restaurants in Oakland Thursday and turned the energy dial up.

Fans were fired up and some even got a special look at the Warriors 1975 NBA Championship trophy, which made a guest appearance with the Warriors cheerleaders at one Oakland bar and watch party.

"Oh, my gosh, go Warriors, I am so excited," said Carol Dreher of Oakland.

"I think their bench is going to win this game and win the series, they have far more depth than Cleveland," said Dennis Rampe, another Oakland resident.

The night was all about high stakes, high hopes, and high stress.

"Energy's great, energy's on the ultimate high. Nail-biting, tense, and you can feel it in here. It's thick," said Courtney Ralph, a hostess at Era Art Bar and Lounge.

"Man it's been really stressful. But the Warriors never give up. It's been hard to watch us lose, but it's made me proud to not see the players put their head down, they're keeping the faith," said Umi Vaughan of Oakland who came to the Era watch party,

Fans were keeping the faith too, with a sea of blue and gold along Oakland streets and at official watch parties held at Lungomare, Tribune Tavern, Era, Adesso, Aloha Club and OVO in Oakland.

A first half highlight, along with the Warriors lead, came with a surprise appearance by the Warriors Cheerleaders carrying the ultimate lucky charm: the Warriors 1975 NBA championship trophy. Watch party guests had a chance to take photos at half-time of the golden trophy from another golden era.

"Just the spirit around Oakland right now is really cool, that everyone's coming together for the Warriors," said Madeleine Dreyfus of Berkeley.

Around town, gold and blue flags are flying from rooftops, from fans cars, and hanging on buildings and businesses throughout town.

"In Oakland, we see nothing but flags and people and blue and yellow," said Paris Middleton, who works at Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe.

Golden State fans are drinking it all in, savoring special menus at Era with names such as Mullin mule, Splash brothers shot, liquid Currage, and Mo buckets of beer.

Another NBA title, so agonizingly close, fans could taste victory with Thursday's win.

"It was awesome. It was a great game," said Roel van Heusden of Berkeley.

"Down one to two, to tie it up you know, it's a great thing," said Alan Yin of Oakland, who was banging sticks together at the Lungomare watch party.

"What a game. Oh my God, finally we've tied up. It's amazing," said Niki Maguire, smiling at the Game 4 victory, "It's so fun to live in Oakland and be part of this. I'm loving it."