WATCH: Shaq helps Gainesville officer make good on promise to kids

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Officer Bobby White with the Gainesville Police Department said he'd be bringing backup for a basketball rematch against some kids in a Gainesville neighborhood and boy did he deliver. 

Officer White was called to the neighborhood on a complaint of kids playing noisily in the street earlier this month. A video of Officer White responding to the call and playing basketball with the kids, even dunking, went viral. At the end of the video, the Gainesville Police Dept. responded by saying to the call, and all future calls about noisy kids, that they'll let kids be kids.

Basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal even saw the video and he decided to show up, surprising even Officer White.

"Are you kidding me?" Officer White said as Shaq walked into the officers' briefing. "You're much taller than you look on TV," Officer White said as they shook hands.

Then the officers made good on Officer White's promise to "bring backup," by bringing Shaq and a number of officers to the neighborhood for a rematch. "I told you I was gonna bring some back up, right? Did you bring your good game?" asked Officer White. 

The kids were surprised when Shaq stepped out of his vehicle, and the rematch got underway. Their game ended with wise words from Shaq as he gathered the kids around. "I'm proud of you guys. Stay out of trouble. Listen to your parents respect your elders, you can be anything you want to be. I grew up just like this. Only you can change this," Shaq said. 

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