West Oakland gun battle leads to 3-car crash: video

Community leaders in Oakland are worried about rising violence in the city after a shooting and crash that happened last Tuesday.

Witnesses said someone started shooting at a car near 24th Street and Market around 1:00 p.m., causing three vehicles to crash five blocks away. KTVU obtained surveillance video of the crash.

"Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. I like ducked. It sounded so close," said one neighbor.  "A bullet can come into your house." said one neighbor. Witnesses spoke on the condition that they remain anonymous.

Just seconds after the crash, the video showed a dark-colored vehicle that had been chasing the car that crashed, taking off in the wrong direction and running a red light.

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In the meantime, neighbors said the driver in yellow got out of the car that was being chased and ran into a nearby store to hide and ask for help.

The shooting and crash ended near a grade school. Neighbors said they're scared and concerned for their own safety.

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"You can hear the cars making noise. Boom, boom, boom, boom, like 40 shots to me," said a neighbor. "They were going so fast."

"Parents were running down the street literally trying to make sure their children were safe and okay," said Pastor Michael Wallace with Impact Oakland Now, a coalition of six churches trying to help black and brown communities.

Wallace shared a video he took after he arrived at the scene of the crash.

"It was close to the time Kip School was getting out, so a lot of parents were here picking up their children, so they were panicking. They couldn't get by," said Wallace. "Police had all the streets blocked off."

Police said they did not find anyone hit by gunfire but did confirm that the shooting and crash are related.

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A spokesman for the Fire Department said four people were transported to the hospital at the scene of the crash, but there is no information on their conditions.

"I don't want us to normalize gun violence and gunshots in our community," said Wallace. 

"It's very dangerous, this neighborhood is so dangerous," said a neighbor. "I pray every day when I walk."

Impact Oakland Now is offering counseling services inside True Vine Ministries for people traumatized by the shooting and crash.

Neighbors and business owners in the area are asking city leaders and police to do more to help stop gun violence.