'When is it going to stop?' For 2nd night, protesters demand change in the name of Jacob Blake

Fires and rioting in downtown Kenosha followed the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake Sunday night, Aug. 23 into Monday, and more than 24 hours later, protesters gathered in the same area demanding change in his name.

FOX6 News found a sense of frustration among many after watching the video of Blake being shot at least a half-dozen times by Kenosha police Sunday.
Protesters are calling for change from elected officials, and that if it doesn't happen, they've vowed to make necessary changes at the ballot box.


JoAnn Thomas

Protesters, including JoAnn Thomas of Zion, Illinois, filled Civic Center Park in Kenosha.

"I just wish they would stop killing us," said Thomas. "We just want to be treated equally like everyone else. That's all."

The 60-year-old retiree who visits family in Kenosha often expressed exasperation, with her visit Monday serving another purpose.

"We're tired," she said. "We are tired. When is it going to stop? When?"


Jacob Blake

With details still murky surrounding the shooting of Blake, video taken by a witness picked up only shortly before the barrage of shots were fired, critically injuring Blake as he tried to get into an SUV with his children inside.

As the day ticked on, more protesters began to gather in in the park, with sheriff's deputies in riot gear coming outside of the boarded-up courthouse, quickly drawing the attention and ire of protesters. A female protester walked the line of deputies making the sign of the cross, with the heat of the day adding to the rhetorical volleys echoing in the air as the group grew, later taking to the streets for a short march down the block and back to Civic Center Park.


"You've already spent more time out here today than voting all year," said Terrance Warthen of Kenosha.

Speakers like Warthen urged the remedy for change if it doesn't happen is at the ballot box.

"Use this energy," said Angela Cunningham, Kenosha attorney. "Keep showing up. Keep demanding change, and if the change doesn't happen, vote them out!"

As for Thomas, she's optimistic there will be change for the better.

"It will, or we will not stop," she said.