Will students cross picket lines during Oakland's teacher strike?

With the Oakland school strike assured, many parents and students wonder if there are alternatives to crossing picket lines.

Though the teachers union said it would love it if students and parents walked the picket lines with them, they know that many will not.

"The teachers of Oakland, we will respect any decision that parents will make during the strike. We respect any decision," said Oakland Education Association President Keith Brown.

Student opinion is divided.

"My mom, she says she wants me to go to school, but, if I don't go to school, I'm just gonna end up staying at home, trying to continue my senior project," said Skyline High School student Zaria Igondjo.

For others, school on Thursday is a must.

"Yeah, I'm trying to graduate and go to college and get a better job," said Skyline High School student Antonio Salabo.

But what happens if students don't show up? "It's very simple, the normal attendance policies are still in effect. Students are supposed to be at school. We hope they're at school," said Oakland Schools spokesman John Sasaki.

But the union had a difference of opinion.

"If the district wants to have a policy to mark students truant during the strike, the educators of the Oakland Education Association will stand together and fight to make sure that there is no retaliation," said Brown.

Other than school, where can students go?

"Communities are organizing at churches, they're also organizing rec centers. So, there's many options for our youth during the strike," said Brown. But, the school district has a caution. "They're not sanctioned by the district. You know, when you're at school here, you have a lot of things that are in place that are not in place at these solidarity spots," said Sasaki.

The City of Oakland is providing safety and activities at 15 recreation centers as are some churches. The so-called solidarity schools are ad-hoc and still organizing. 

You can find a list of rec centers and solidarity sites here.