Wind damage causes falling glass from SF high-rise and toppled truck on San Rafael bridge

As wind gusts blasted through San Francisco Tuesday afternoon, an office worker took video of a shocking sight. 

Glass was falling from the 43rd floor of the high-rise at 555 California.

"It's glass. Yeah. It's falling," the worker says on the video as large pieces smashed onto the pavement below. 

San Francisco fire officials immediately issued a shelter in place order about 2 p.m., concerned the severe wind gusts might cause more glass to fall from that spot on the 43rd floor. 

"What we do know is that one window did break out of its frame and fell to the ground... and another one is cracked. This is something that is unusual, but we're also experiencing highly unusual weather," said SF Fire Captain Jonathan Baxter. 

Shards of glass covered Kearny and California streets. One man said glass fell onto his car. San Francisco fire officials said no one was injured, and building managers inspected all the other windows for any damage.

The howling wind brought trees down and caused damage throughout the city.

On Mission Street near South Van Ness, a tree fell onto Muni lines and a car. The person inside was trapped until crews could de-energize the line and begin removing the trunk. Part of Mission Street was closed for hours as they repaired the damaged equipment.

More cars were crushed across town at the panhandle near Golden Gate Park. Overnight, strong wind gusts took down a massive tree bringing it crashing down onto cars.

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"I think three out of the four lanes of traffic were blocked. There were 3-4 cars underneath," said Sara Balander who lives nearby. 

Traffic was also impacted by the winds. 

In Millbrae, a tree toppled onto 280, forcing lane closures as crews had to bring in heavy equipment to clear the road.

To the north, the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge was shut down for hours. Strong gusts caused a big rig to topple over blocking traffic, while another truck and trailer also fell over. The CHP had to divert traffic off the bridge until the winds died down, and they could pull the vehicles back upright.

In Corte Madera, officials shut down Casa Buena Drive after an official saw trees dangerously leaning over the road.

Jim Cairnes, co-owner of Small World Tree Company, arrived to shore them up when they suddenly crashed down in front of him. He caught the moment on video and said the trees were Monterey Pines, which are susceptible to toppling in this stormy weather.

"This was mainly brought on by the saturated soil," said Cairnes. 

Cairnes says the wet soil led to many downed trees, as his company went from call to call Tuesday trying to clear limbs and hazardous sites. 

"Trees are like a wine glass, the soil covers the roots and flare out under the soil…when that turns to liquid there's nothing to hold them up," said Cairnes.