LA restaurant worker brutally attacked by customer over food order

The search is on for the man who brutally attacked a restaurant worker in downtown Los Angeles – the incident allegedly happening over a food order.

A routine day at Wokcano restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles turned into a nightmare for Kevin Oxlaj after he was targeted by the enraged customer.

The incident unfolded on Monday afternoon around 1 p.m. when a man, visibly agitated over a delay in his order, began berating a pregnant employee. Oxlaj, witnessing the confrontation, intervened, urging the customer to show respect and empathy towards the pregnant employee.

Little did he know that his kindness would trigger a violent outburst.

"The moment he started hitting me, I felt like he just wanted to kill me," Oxlaj recalled. "I thought he was going to end my life right there and then."

Kevin's mother, Isabel Hernandez, tearfully recounts her anguish upon learning of the assault.

"I couldn't bear to watch the video," Hernandez said.

Traumatized, both the mother and son are seeking justice.

"I'm scared he might still be looking for me," Oxlaj said.

He adds the suspect has since returned to the restaurant asking coworkers about Oxlaj.

The Los Angeles Police Department was called, but the assailant took off before officers made it to the Wokcano.

Anyone with information on the suspect is asked to call LAPD.