Woman rescues abandoned dog stuck frozen to the ground in park

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A good Samaritan and her dog came to the rescue of an abandoned dog whose paws were stuck frozen to the ground.

Jennifer Williams was walking her own dog in a Brooklyn, New York park Friday morning when her dog became agitated and broke lose from its leash.

The dog led its owner to a skinny black dog that had been tied to a tree, according to animal care officials. The lab/pit bull mix appeared to have been abandoned and was extremely weak.

So Williams picked up the dog and began carrying it back home. That's when she noticed blood dripping from the dog's paws.

The animal had been frozen to the ground and her paws' skin pads were torn when she was picked up, according to Sean Casey of the Sean Casey Animal Rescue shelter in Brooklyn.

The rescue shelter was called in to help the dog.

After examining the animal, veterinarians found she was suffering from "a lot of issues." She was severely anemic and vets found she had ingested several pieces of metal as well as rubber and was urinating blood.

Animal care officials speculate the dog had been tied to the tree and abandoned because of her dire health condition.

The dog, which was named Bindi by Casey's four-year-old son, has since undergone blood transfusions and a procedure to remove the metal she had ingested.

Casey tells KTVU Fox 2 that Bindi is in better spirits now and has more energy. Veterinarians are continuing to closely monitor the dog under 24 hours emergency care.