Youth-lead project creating tiny home village in Oakland for homeless youth

A youth-lead project will create a tiny home village for Oakland and Berkeley homeless young people.

Youth Spirit Artworks organized construction of 12 tiny homes at a site off Brush Street in West Oakland.

30 diverse congregations and organizations volunteered to help construct the homes.

"People are desperate to do something to solve this problem and sick of waiting for solutions that are taking too long to come," said Youth Spirit Artworks' executive director, Sally Hindman.

"They're picking up hammers, ladders, and rolling up their sleeves to help."

The project is attracting volunteers from around the country.

Sonne Shields flew up from Denver, Colorado when she saw the posting from Dykes With Drills.

"A friend tagged me on a post for Dykes with Drills, who empower those people who don't identify as male to be more comfortable and confident using power tools. I was like, 'This is awesome!" said Shields.

The 12 tiny homes will be available in July 2020 and offered to Oakland and Berkeley homeless between the ages of 18 and 25.

"Some of the youth will be going to college when they live in the village; some are going to be working.

Some are going to be doing both," said assistant project manager Reginald Gentry.

The entire home has insulation with heated floors and powered by solar panels.

Oakland City Council gave YSA $360,000 to complete the tiny home project.

A permanent site is still being considered that will feature community bathrooms and a security guard.

Upon completion, it will be the first tiny home village for young people in the U.S.

YSA is currently fundraising to construct an additional 12 tiny homes for the next phase. You can help the project by clicking here.