Bay Bridge Series: A's fans get Giants fans to join 'sell the team' protest

In a bid to rally against the forthcoming relocation of the Oakland A's, fans from both sides of the Bay united in protest during the Bay Bridge Series Tuesday night. During the fifth inning, fans directed "sell the team" chants at A's owner John Fisher, who plans to move the Oakland-based to Las Vegas.

Two prominent Oakland A's fan groups, the Oakland 68s and the Last Dive Bar, who had previously organized a "reverse boycott" last month, spearheaded the call for a massive turnout.

"The fact that I’m seeing all the Giants fans come out here shows that they want to Unite the Bay, and they want to do this because it’s bigger than baseball. They don’t want to see the A’s leave," said Gabriel Hernandez of A's fan group Last Dive Bar.

Ahead of the game, organizers handed out t-shirts with "sell" on them to Giants and A's fans. 


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Their aim is to amplify their voice and send a powerful message to team owners and officials about the significance of keeping the Athletics in their original home.

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Both fan organizations contend that the Bay Bridge rivalry has been mutually beneficial for both the Giants and the A's over the years. The spirited competition and camaraderie between the two teams have enriched baseball culture in the region, and the potential relocation could jeopardize this cherished tradition.

"It’s like getting rid of part of your family," said Giants fan Rito Andujo who attended the game with his son.

Other Giants fans feel similar.

"You know growing up, my grandma was always a die hard A’s fan, so there’s always a little soft spot in my heart, and this rivalry has been going on, you can’t just let it go, you gotta do your part," said Giants fan Greg Andujo. 

This time around, the Giants ended up breaking their six-game losing streak with a 2-1 win over their East Bay adversaries. 

Organizers are planning to hold another rally on August 5, this time at the Coliseum, when the A's once again take on the Giants.