Expert says there's glimmer of hope A's could stay in Oakland

In its 122 years, the Athletics migrated from Philadelphia to Kansas City, then to Oakland, and soon to Las Vegas.

"Now to know that there's a path forward in Las Vegas that can work, and we have an incredible stadium that we can build there with an amazing vision of a ballpark village," said Oakland A's President Dave Kaval.

Legendary sports consultant and executive Andy Dolich and longtime Oakland Tribune writer Dave Newhouse co-authored the new book "Goodbye Oakland: a Sports Town's Fight For Survival," detailing how professional sports teams have abandoned the city,

Dolich weighed in on the A's land agreement with Las Vegas for a new ballpark.

"What this is, is a gut punch to a community, to a city that has seen two teams go and another team right on the edge of going," said Dolich.

But is it a fake punch to get Oakland officials to flinch?

"Everybody keeps talking about a deal is done in Vegas. Well, who's putting up $1.5 billion, for a convertible stadium? When is John Fisher having a press conference to announce he's put money in the bank?" asked Dolich.

He shared some advice to Oakland and Alameda County officials, saying, "I would never quit if I was in elective office until I saw a deal that was signed, sealed, and delivered in Las Vegas which, as far as I know, is not done."


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Dolich says there has been too much delay, going from one possible stadium site to the next.

"In these last few years, what have we seen? We've seen Levi's be built and open. We've seen Chase Center open," he said.

Also newly built — Sacramento's Golden One Center and the Raider's stadium in Las Vegas.

"How could the A's ownership continue to strike out when others have done it, both privately and publicly," questioned Dolich. " If John Fisher was serious about his comment that the Coliseum was not urban enough to build the new ballpark, what is the definition of urban? The Oakland A's could already be playing in a quality new ballpark at the Coliseum."

In the last few decades, 20 professional sports teams have relocated.

The Oakland A's said the team's moniker will remain since first adopted in 1901.