Frank's blog: Super Bowl felt 'excessive'

From luxurious Super Bowl parties to pricey parking, the Super Bowl drew big spenders to the Bay Area. 

A glance at prices to events during the week of the Super Bowl

  • The Players Super Bowl Tailgate - $700
  • Vivid Seats Game Day Tailgate - $447 and $87 for parking
  • Maxim party on Treasure Island - Tickets starting at $950 with $25,000 for a VIP table 
  • Old School Show - VIP baller platinum table for 10 - $5,000 
  • Playboy Party - $899 to $50,000
  • On the day of the Super Bowl StubHub had its cheapest seats listed for more than $3,000  - tickets were about $8,000 for closer seats, and a suite set fans back $150,000 

More reasonable or free events 

  • The NFL Experience in San Francisco offered tickets for $35. Many fans said the price was worth the experience.
  • Super Bowl City was free to fans and offered a range of free concerts Alicia Keys, OneRepublic, The Band Perry and Matt Nathanson. 
  • Metallica Concert $49.50 to $149.50

Frank posted the following blog on his Facebook page: 

"Now that the Super Bowl is over I can finally say what I think.

And I’ll be curious to see how many people, if any, agree with me.

Okay here goes.

I found that for the first time I just wasn’t very interested.

And what turned me off was that everything was so over the top.

Everything felt excessive.

My daughter asked me if we could go. I looked at the ticket prices.

There was no way I was going to pay $6-$7,000 for two tickets.

(Those were the cheapest seats at the time on Stub Hub).

I can’t justify spending that kind of money for two tickets to anything.

I was also told that parking at the game was $180.

That’s crazy to me.

There was also a tailgate party that some well know chef was hosting.

Tickets were $700.

Again I think that’s crazy.

It just seems like the Super Bowl now is all about money. And VIP’s.

And who can get into which “cool” Super Bowl party. And I found that I just wanted no part of that.

But what really made me sad was what happened to the homeless in San Francisco.

I get that they needed to move them so they could build Super Bowl City. But there was just something about the way that it was done that didn’t seem right to me.

As I said at the top, I have no idea if other people felt this way.

That’s why I’m looking forward to reading all the comments.

Heck who knows. Maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe I just need to chill out and enjoy the moment. I’m open for suggestions.

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