Tom Brady reveals roast jokes affected his children: 'I wouldn’t do that again'

Tom Brady won’t be doing another roast, as he admitted it affected his kids and loved ones. 

Brady made an appearance on "The Pivot Podcast" following the Netflix live roast, and he told former NFL players Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder that it was all fun and games for him with the jokes. 

However, his children were affected by what was said by the comedians and former teammates on stage. 

"I loved when the jokes were about me," he said. "I thought they were so fun. I didn’t like the way that it affected my kids," he said on the episode, referring to his sons, 14-year-old Benjamin and 16-year-old Jack, as well as his 11-year-old daughter Vivian. 

"So, it’s the hardest part about the bittersweet aspect of when you do something that you think is one way and then all of a sudden you realize I wouldn’t do that again because of the way it affected the people that I care about the most.… Like I said, when I signed up for that I love when people were making fun of me."


One aspect of Brady’s life that was particularly harped on was his failed marriage to his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen


Tom Brady attends Netflix Is A Joke Fest's "The Greatest Roast Of All Time: Tom Brady" at the Kia Forum on May 5, 2024 in Inglewood, California. (Photo by Elyse Jankowski/FilmMagic)

A source told "Entertainment Tonight" that "Gisele was upset and hurt by some of the jokes about her," as well as her new relationship with Joaquim Valente, who is her jiu-jitsu instructor. 

"She found some of the jokes to be distasteful and disrespectful," the source added. 

Soccer great David Beckham even admitted that he sent Brady a message to check in on him after the roast, showing that Bündchen wasn’t the only one who thought the jokes were harsh. 

But, Brady said, during the "Deflategate stuff in 2015-16," he needed comedy to help him get through it. 

"'Cause every time I turn on ‘SportsCenter’ I was like, 'Are you f---ing kidding me?' I just want to laugh," he explained in the podcast. "So, I wanted to do the roast because the guy, Jeff Ross, became someone that I knew. And then, you know, you just don't see the full picture all the time. So, I think it's a good lesson for me as a parent. I'm gonna be a better parent as I go forward because of it, and at the same time, I'm happy everyone who was there had a lot of fun."

So, overall, Brady liked the roast as a whole. 

"If we’re not laughing about things, we’re crying," he said. "And I think we should have more fun. What did we love [when we were in the NFL]? We loved laughing in the locker room. Let’s do more of that and love each other and, c’mon man, celebrate other people’s success. That, to me, gives everyone a lot of hope."

But don’t expect Brady to be the brunt of the joke at the next roast – if there is one.

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