Governor Newsom: Trump 'corrupt,' should be removed

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has all the evidence to believe "completely corrupt" President Donald Trump should be removed from office by Congress, but with Republicans in control of the U.S. Senate he says the best way to boot Trump from the White House is at the ballot box.

Judge says New York prosecutors can see Trump's tax returns

With President Donald Trump under siege on Capitol Hill, a federal judge dealt him a setback on another front Monday and ruled that New York City prosecutors can see his tax returns for an investigation into such matters as the payment of hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels and a Playboy centerfold.

President Trump calls for Sen. Mitt Romney's impeachment

Most Republican leaders were silent or supportive of President Donald Trump's public call for another foreign government, China, to investigate his political foe, while a handful voiced concern that the president was trying to enlist a rival power in his reelection effort.

Pompeo confirms he was on Trump's Ukraine telephone call

Pompeo did not say whether he thought the contents of the July 25 call were inappropriate or whether he believed they warranted the complaint of an intelligence community whistleblower at the center of the impeachment probe.

Impeachment is now a threat like no other Trump has faced

From the moment Donald Trump became a national political figure, he has been shadowed by investigations and controversy. They have been layered, lengthy and often inconclusive, leaving many Americans scandal-weary and numb to his behavior. And with each charge against him, Trump has perfected the art of deflection, seemingly gaining strength by bullying and belittling those who have dared to...

Subpoenas mark first concrete steps for Trump impeachment

The impeachment inquiry shows no signs of slowing, even as Congress left Friday for a two-week break. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff called the whistleblower's complaint "a road map for our investigation" and three house committees issued subpoenas ordering Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to hand over documents. They also called for depositions from other state department...