Which KTVU reporter has the 'best in the show pup'?

We asked Mike Mibach, Pam Cook and Claudine Wong why they think their furry friends are "best in the show."

Mike Mibach and Sadie:

Sadie is 9 years old. Our family adopted her with the help of Golden Gate Lab Rescue when she was six. Sadie loves her hikes above the Pacific, and her trips to the park to chase down her favorite ball. She eats breakfast at 7 and dinner at 5:30 p.m. and always wants more. She loves snuggling on the couch and sleeping in our bed. Sadie is simply, the best and most beautiful member of our family!

Mike Mibach and his dog Sadie

Mike Mibach and Sadie

Pam Cook and Mo:
Mo is a Havenese. He's very sweet and smart and easy to train. Mo loves kids and his favorite place is the beach where he likes to run in the sand and nap in the sun.

Pam Cook and her dog Mo

Pam Cook and Mo

Claudine Wong and Leo:
Can’t say enough about our ten-year-old dog Leo. He’s the sweetest and so well-behaved. He gives high-fives and even hugs, and always seems to know just what his people need. We’d be lost without him!

Claudine Wong and her dog Leo

Claudine Wong and Leo