Giving Day: Arab Women's Services

As part of Arab American Heritage Month, KTVU is highlighting the work of Arab Women's Services, which is a program of Asian Women’s Shelter in San Francisco, and is the only program in the state dedicated to Arab immigrant, refugee, and asylee survivors of violence, particularly women and LGBTQ+ people.

Laraine Newman live on The Nine

Sal Castaneda catches up with one of the original cast members of Saturday Night Live, Laraine Newman, to talk about her newly-released audiobook "May You Live in Interesting Times."

Spring super food swaps

Heather Smith from the HAUTE bar, explains what foods can help you slim down after packing on weight during the pandemic.

Siblings turn to music to stop Asian hate

With increasing violence and crimes against Asian Americans, a brother and sister from Lafayette are using their talents to teach, encourage and empower others to stop Asian hate.

Women's History Month: Creator of "The Fresh Dolls"

Sal Castaneda catches up with Dr. Lisa Williams, the creator of "The Fresh Dolls" to discuss how she's empowering women and girls to embrace different ethnicities, and encouraging female entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

Plans to safely reopen more schools

Dr. Julie Morita from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation discusses the big focus on safety and CDC recommendations as more students return to the classroom.

Giving Day: Techbridge Girls

KTVU is recognizing the work of Oakland-based Techbridge Girls, which helps create opportunities in science, technology and other related fields for girls and non-binary young people, especially those who are Black or from another community of color.