Get your Girl Scouts cookies!

It's that time of year...Girl Scouts cookies time. Girl Scouts Northern California CEO, Bri Seoane to talk about all the exciting things happening in the organization, including those famous cookies!

Peak performance for gameday

With March Madness comes the pressure to play your best game. We talked to Sports Dietetics Specialist, Wendy Sterling, to understand what it takes to fuel the body to reach peak performance.

Falling trees

Bay Area Arborist, Dustin Waraner, stopped by to talk about the latest with falling trees after the severe weather we encountered this week.

Oakland Restaurant Week 2023

Oakland Restaurant Week is upon us! President and CEO of Visit Oakland and Chef Kalani Barquis of Wahpepah's Kitchen share details of what patrons can expect this year!

Pajaro River levee breach severely impacts residents

The amount of damage from the Pajaro River levee breach is still escalating as another storm surge hits California. Executive Director of Community Bridges in Watsonville, Ray Cancino, joins us to give a first hand account of this dire situation . You can help Pajaro residents by donating to Community Bridges at or to the Community Foundation of Monterey County at

Brown Girl Surf

Brown Girl Surf cultivates community by amplifying the voices of surfers of color and taking care of the earth. Executive Director Adriana Guerrero-Nardone joined us at KTVU to tell us about this surfing group.

Black Banjo & Fiddle Fellowship

Four lucky musicians will be selected for the inaugural Black Banjo & Fiddle Fellowship later this month. Founder of the Oakland Public Conservatory of Music, Angela Wellman, talks about this landmark Fellowship.

International Women's Day

This International Women's Day we are joined by The Workplace Reframe Founder, Lia Garvin. to talk about how managers can support their female colleagues in this everchanging workforce.

La Boheme cannot be contained!

San Francisco Opera is putting a spin on "La Boheme". Director, Jose Maria Condemi and Soprano, Mikayla Sager talk about this unique version that is performed outside in a shipping container.

Skate Like a Girl

Empowering girls to build confidence, take on leadership roles and practice social justice is what "Skate Like a Girl" is all about. We sat down with the Director of the Bay Area chapter, Ashley Masters.

Insulin prices decline

Dr. Francisco Prieto of the American Diabetes Association walks us through why the recent change of cost insulin could prove impactful.

Alameda Restaurant Week 2023

Alameda Restaurant Week is upon us. Ahead of tomorrow's kickoff, Chefs and Co-Owners of Asena, Mustafy Yildirim and Muhittin Arpaci along with Annie Cox from the City of Alameda give us a sneak peek at what diners can expect.

Should children choose their foods?

Giving children the freedom to choose their food might dispel the idea that they will have an unhealthy relationship with food. Bay Area Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, Signe Darpinian shares some benefits of why giving your kids room to choose could actually have a positive impact.

Sail the high seas 2023

Wave season is upon us....with that said, Travelzoo's Gabe Saglie gives us a glimpse into what is hot on the water for 2023.