10-year-old boy says cops mistook him for robbery suspect

Police officers in New Jersey mistakenly chased down an innocent 10-year-old in an alley. The cops were looking for an armed robbery suspect.  Newark police have admitted that they briefly detained Legend Solomon before catching the actual robber, who was twice his age. Fox 5 News spoke to Legend and his mother, who were understandably shaken up.

At 5 feet 5 inches tall, Legend is big for his age. And while he has been mistaken for being older, he never dreamed police would mistake him for a criminal.  Around 4 p.m. on August 11, 2016, the soft-spoken 5th grader was playing basketball with his friends when suddenly Newark police began searching the area for a robbery suspect.

Legend said the ball rolled into the street and almost hit a police car. He believes that is why they chased him. Afraid for his life, Legend ran into a nearby alleyway. He said one police officer pointed a gun at him. He thought the cop was going to shoot him.

Patisha Solomon, Legend's mother, says the cops chased him with their guns out. Her accusation is supported by her two neighbors, Jackie Kelley and her mother Annetta Hankerson, who intervened when they saw officers had legend cornered.

A short time later, police arrested the suspect, Casey Joseph Robinson, 20. Despite what Legend and neighbors say, Newark police say that at no time did officers ever point a weapon at any child in the area.

Legend's favorite subject is math and he dreams of being a scientist. Now says the people he used to look up to are the ones he now fears the most.