14-year-old girl and neighbors help save 2 elderly women from Antioch house fire

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A 14-year-old girl in Antioch is being hailed as a hero after a daring rescue of two elderly women, one of which was disabled, from a fire Tuesday night. 

14-year-old Abby Reiswig ran towards a loud, exploding fire to help the women who were in the family home, filled with decades of memories, all ruined by fire Tuesday night. 

Flames ripped through the roof and shot out of the garage, as firefighters doused it with water until the fire was out. 

The family looked on in despair, grateful that they made it out unharmed, thanks to the help of neighbors including Reiswig.

"We were having a sleepover and we were decorating our tent and then we hear this loud explosion," Reiswig said. 

The 14-year-old didn't want to show her face on camera, but said she heard people screaming and instinctively ran toward the chaos to help.

"We looked up and there was this lady in a wheelchair and there was this other lady trying to push her down and she was having a hard time getting it caught, so I ran over there," she said. 

Abby said it was a community effort as she and another man helped get the elderly family out of the burning house and safely across the street until crews arrived. 

"Of course we were super proud. I think every parent would want their kid to maybe react that way. Maybe not being so close to a fire, but helping someone in need is awesome," said Abby's father, Ian Lasater.

While the family was too shaken to speak with KTVU on camera, we know the women she helped rescue are forever grateful for Abby's bravery. 

"She grabbed my hand and she thanked me. She was really happy," said Reiswig.