Brothers charged after 2 Chicago cops shot during traffic stop, killing Officer Ella French

Two brothers have been charged in the shooting of two Chicago police officers during a traffic stop Saturday night, which killed Officer Ella French and critically wounded the other.

A third individual, who is a woman and was in the car at the time of the deadly traffic stop, has not been charged.

"We don't have evidence to charge her. If we had evidence, we would certainly charge her," Chicago Police Supt. David Brown said.

Emonte Morgan, 21, has been charged with first-degree murder in the shooting. He's also been charged with attempted murder of a peace officer and possessing/using a firearm as a felon.


Emonte Morgan, 21

Eric Morgan, 22, has been charged with possessing/using a firearm as a felon and obstructing justice.


Eric Morgan, 22

"I won't entertain finger pointing at anyone or anything else. They need to be fully held accountable for her murder," said Supt. Brown.

Chicago Police Officer Ella French, 29, was shot and killed during the traffic stop over the weekend, while her partner fights for his life at the University of Chicago Medical Center.


Ella French | Chicago Police Department

As Lightfoot visited the hospital about midnight Saturday, about 30 officers turned their backs to her when she approached them on the 7th floor, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Monday morning.

"It looked like it had been choreographed," a source told the outlet.


As the CPD officer continues to fight for his life in the hospital, Police Superintendent David Brown had some impassioned words of support for the police force in announcing the arrests of the brothers.

"They go down dark alleys none of you would go down, to protect you," Brown said. "They run toward bullets."

Brown says Chicagoans should be praying that officers will continue to be encouraged to serve the city, given the record number of times they've been targeted by gunmen this year, and in the wake of the death of French.

"I'm going to say it how they've said it to me. They feel alone. They feel unsupported. They feel no one appreciates the work they do," said Brown.

Late Monday afternoon, federal officials charged Jamel Danzy of Indiana with conspiring to straw purchase the gun used in Saturday night’s attack.

Prosecutors say Danzy admitted he bought it on behalf of a friend in Chicago who could not buy guns because of a criminal record.

Danzy bought the gun from a firearms dealer in Hammond and shortly after the purchase, gave the weapon to his friend in Chicago, according to a criminal complaint.


Gun used in shooting of two Chicago police officers.

"But for the brave conduct of these officers, trying to protect the people of Chicago and recovering an illegally-possessed gun, what ended up being an illegally-bought gun, but for these types of traffic stops, our cities wouldn't be safe," said Brown.

Danzy made a court appearance Monday afternoon and is being held in federal custody. His next appearance is Wednesday.

Brown also said the officer critically wounded is making "incremental improvements" at the hospital.

FOX 32 talked to former Chicago Police Superintendent Phil Cline, who now heads the Police Memorial Foundation. He says there have been 38 Chicago police officers either shot at or shot this year.

"I don't think the gangbangers have any fear of the police," Cline said.