2 men arrested for sexual assault of woman near Bay Fair BART

BART Police - File Photo

BART police on Monday announced the arrest of two men who are alleged to have sexually assaulted an 18-year-old woman near the Bay Fair BART station.

The men from unincorporated Alameda County were identified as Jose Sandoval, 29, and Gabriel Sanchez, 30. They were booked into Santa Rita Jail on Monday.

Police said the woman was walking in a neighborhood Saturday at around 12:20 a.m. when she was grabbed by the men at Thornally Drive at Hesperian Boulevard. Police said the woman was sexually assaulted inside their car and that the suspects took some personal property from her before forcing her out of their vehicle. 

The victim made her way home and reported the incident to police later in the morning. Police said the woman was examined after she was transported to a hospital and is recovering at home. 

The woman was not coming from the BART station or its parking lot, but she was walking on a street that is BART property.