2 Oakland mayoral candidates arrested on gun charges: report

Two of the men running for mayor in Oakland were arrested last year, in separate incidents, on gun charges.

The Oaklandside reports that Seneca Scott was arrested last October and faces misdemeanor charges for pulling a gun on two people.

Scott told the news organization they were trying to steal a water heater from a community garden that he operates.

Scott said he didn't report the incident because police reports in Oakland, quote, "lead nowhere." 

The Oaklandside also reports mayoral candidate Peter Liu was arrested in San Leandro in January 2021 after he called the Alameda County Sheriff's Office.

He said a group of squatters broke into a building that he owns, and that he held them at gunpoint until deputies arrived.

The police report says an adult, and a child in a stroller, were there when they arrived.

The DA said no charges were filed against Liu.