200 protesters gather in Walnut Creek to call for abolition of police department

A group of about 200 protesters gathered in Walnut Creek Wednesday night, police said.

They were seen on social media holding signs at the mayor's house that read, "Black Lives Matter", "Defund the police" and called for the abolition of the Walnut Creek Police Department. 

Police said around 10 p.m., protesters walked westbound on Ygnacio Valley Road near Homestead Avenue and were in all lanes of traffic. 

Police were in the area to provide traffic control, they said. 

Businesses boarded their windows and closed early in anticipation of the planned protest.

Walnut Creek police said earlier in the day they would be monitoring social media advertising the protest that was scheduled to begin anywhere from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Police reached out to organizers on social media and urged them to get in contact so they could work together and coordinate the rally and march in a safe manner.