2017 Silicon Valley Comic Con: A convergence of comics, pop culture and science

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Comic book enthusiasts, collectors and technology buffs are descending on the San Jose Convention Center this weekend for Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017

It's the second year for the show, which explores 'The Future of Mankind-- Where will we be in 2075?'

"You also have this intersection of between fun and meaningful, so we have NASA and SETI and so we have a lot of science and technology, so bringing those two things together is great," said Trip Hunter, the CEO of Comic Con.

He walked us around the great floor of Hall-1 a few hours before the event's official opening at 5 p.m. Friday.

The floor is covered with almost every conceivable type of art -- a convergence of comic books, pop-culture, and science. 200 vendors from around the country are here displaying their wares. The emergence of Comic-Con has a positive economic impact on them, as people get hooked on comics or sci-fi and develop a thirst for more.

"There are more and more people who are introduced to the characters and they become interested in comics and want to know the back story and the history of the characters," said Alan Bahr, the owner of Heroes Comics in Campbell.  "So yeah, it does have a trickle down effect for sure."

Since its creation in the 1930s and '40s, comic books have grown into a lucrative industry. And many of the storylines lead to major motion pictures such as the Avengers series, and the forthcoming Justice League movie. That's given it star appeal, with actors such as Colorado-based Pam Grier attending this year's Comic Con.

"I've been to several, but this is the one I wanted to come to because there's a time where we need to keep promoting art in our schools," said Grier, who had a role on the popular sitcom 'Smallville'.  "if that's taken away, the only place kids and people can be inspired is to come to Comic-Con."

Between 75,000 and 100,000 attendees are expected to walk through the convention center doors this weekend.

"I'm still in it because I love the artwork and I love the storylines. and I love the characters. I have stacks of comic books all over my house," said comic enthusiast Eric Noren of Campbell. He plans to attend part of the two-day event.

The official opening ceremony takes place Saturday morning, and founder Steve Wozniak is scheduled to be on-hand.

Saturday and Sunday at Cesar Chavez Park, there's a two-day science fair for children called Save the Planet." It operates in conjunction with Earth Day and wraps along with Comic Con on Sunday.