2nd suspect arrested in fatal Brentwood gym shooting

A second man is facing murder charges for the fatal shooting of a man at a Brentwood gym earlier this month, Brentwood police said. 

Faatino Tauane, 20, of Pittsburg, was arrested peacefully at a residence in Antioch on Wednesday and booked into the Martinez Detention Facility.

According to Brentwood police, the Contra Costa County District Attorney charged Tauane with one count of murder with sentencing enhancements and other felonies on Friday. 

The shooting took place on Aug. 11 outside a 24 Hour Fitness on Lone Tree Way. 

Antioch resident Cesar Arana was killed after trying to help a person who had been knocked to the ground during a fight. 

Police said Arana was just a bystander and not involved in the altercation. Three other people were hospitalized. 

A 17-year-old Brentwood man is also facing homicide charges in connection with the shooting.