35 structures red-tagged, 600 yellow-tagged in Russian River flood area

After heavy rains caused flooding in the lower Russian River area last week, Permit Sonoma staff assessed more than 2,000 structures there in the three days after floodwaters receded and issued red tags to 35 residences, Sonoma County officials said Tuesday.

The red tags mean the structure is damaged and poses an imminent threat to life or safety or other unsafe conditions.

Inspectors also issued 600 yellow tags, indicating those structures pose some risk as a result of flood damage.

Six teams returned Tuesday to assess further damage, Sonoma County spokeswoman Briana Khan said.

The teams include Permit Sonoma, the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the U.S. Small Business Administration. The damage information will help process requests for federal assistance.

State and federal agencies will determine if a Federal Disaster Declaration is warranted, which could lead to individual assistance to property owners, but Sonoma County does not typically receive individual assistance after floods, Khan said.

Flood area residents are encouraged to visit the Local Assistance Center in the former Bank of America building in Guerneville, where they can apply for assistance programs.

Several debris drop-sites in the flood area are available to dispose of items damaged in the flood. Leaving debris on streets in the area is prohibited.