4 arrests, 21 illegal weapons seized in San Francisco gun trafficking operation

This photo shows a number of firearms seized by investigators.

Four people were arrested and nearly two dozen guns were seized in San Francisco after a joint operation targeting firearms trafficking.

Search warrants were executed at two locations in San Francisco last Tuesday where the suspects, John Sembrano, Kakada Mean, Ryan Chantha, Kelly Mean, were located.

During the course of the sweep, investigators seized 21 illegal weapons, high-capacity magazines, and narcotics.

Investigators said some of the suspects were trying to sell the firearms through social media. Authorities later determined that several of the seized firearms were stolen.

Screenshot from a social media post of illegal firearms being sold online.

Some gun traffickers have turned to social media platforms to sell dangerous weapons accessible to anyone in the public—including people prohibited from owning weapons," said San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin.