4 dogs rescued from Korean meat farm arrive in Santa Cruz

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Four dogs that were rescued from a Korean meat farm have arrived in Santa Cruz via Pet Express Animal Transport.

The dogs were rescued from the Wonju meat farm in South Korea. 

The group of dogs include a Tosa Inu, a Husky mix and two Korean Jindos.

“Dogs on these farms suffer unimaginable cruelty and deprivation, living their entire lives in filthy, cramped cages without comfort or proper care, before being brutally slaughtered. We will provide safe harbor for these dogs in our Santa Cruz community, restore them to health, and make sure they live the rest of their lives as cherished family members,” said SPCA board president Deborah Walt. 

When the dogs first stepped out of their kennels they were curious of their new surroundings. According to the Santa Cruz SPCA, "Their toes splayed apart due to life spent walking on bars, but each pup quickly began to roam their small yards, noses to the ground, taking in the new scents and sounds."

According to the Santa Cruz SPCA, the dogs were taken to the boarding facility, Bed and Biscuits, where they’ll get full medical care before being placed into foster homes.

According to a post on the Santa Cruz SPCA’s Facebook page, "You can see the sweetness in their eyes, although they are not quite ready for the human touch and when given blankets they opted to steer clear of the fuzzy foreign objects. These are all normal reactions given their previous existence.”

The dogs are busy learning how to socialize with humans.

When they are ready, they will find their forever homes.

According to HSUS, although the practice of eating dogs is declining in South Korea, 2.5-3 million are still killed and consumed each year. 

The rescue effort was a partnership between the Humane Society of the United States and the Humane Society International.