49ers fans ready for Sunday's wild card game

The stage is set and the stakes are high. The 49ers face the rival Cowboys in a win or go home wild card game this Sunday.

Fans are pulling out all the stops to cheer on their team from afar. One super fan in the East Bay is working to throw a watch party safely.

Peddy Khatami showed KTVU his stadium seats from Candlestick Park that will be put to use Sunday for his 49ers playoff watch party on the front lawn of his home in Pleasant Hill.

"You want to be together with friends you want to do it responsibly in a fun safe way," said Khatami.

Last Sunday's game, he hosted 15 friends and neighbors.

This time, Khatami expects about two dozen people.

He said only the vaccinated are welcomed and the gathering is all outdoors.

He sets up a large screen TV in front of his home and plans to have lawn games as part of the entertainment.

Nearby at MVP Sportscards, owner Ray Krause said whenever a Bay Area sports team makes it to the playoffs, it's a win for his business.

"You're going to get a lot of new customers during that time period. Your regular customers will be there usually day in, day out but it brings in a whole new group of people who get caught up in the frenzy," said Krause.

49ers pennants and bumper stickers are sold out. One fan said the home team in the playoffs is much needed at this time.

 Hopefully, this will help the Bay Area and help everybody kind of get out of the COVID blues and raise everybody's spirits a little bit," said John Morgan, a 49ers fan.

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Back at Khatami's front lawn, the season ticket holder tells me it's about re-creating the tailgate party experience.

"All you need is for the team to get it done. When the team comes through, it is the greatest feeling. It makes your whole weekend," said Khatami.

The 49ers fan said he's been hosting these small gatherings for every road game this season.

He said it's one game at a time.

But a win Sunday means another step closer on the road to the Super Bowl.