49ers fever means many businesses in South Bay will be seeing green

San Jose boasts many hospitality hot-spots, from San Pedro Square to smaller haunts like the ISO Beers Beer Bar & Bottle Shop and eateries at the bottom of some downtown office buildings. All of them expect to be packed through Sunday, as 49er fever has local businesses seeing green..

On Friday afternoon, some “49er Faithful” are converging on Downtown San Jose, wearing their football hearts on their sleeves, and backs.

“Our office has 'Niner Friday' to get hyped up. So we’ve got to support out local team,” said 49er fan Michael Maggipinto, who was wearing a number 10 jersey.

Although the Home of the 49ers is eight miles away, it’s the epicenter of an economic ripple throughout the South Bay.

“It says San Francisco 49ers, but the stadium is a lot closer to San Jose. You should have seen this place last weekend, red and gold everywhere. It’s gonna be even more intense this Sunday,” said Scott Knies, Executive Director of the San Jose Downtown Association.

Last Saturday, the 'Niners' advanced to their conference championship against Green Bay. The winner wings off to Super Bowl-54 in two weeks in Miami. Experts say the added home games and hoopla surrounding the team provide a slight economic boost for the region.

San Jose State University strategic management Professor Dr. Robert Chapman Wood says the benefit comes amid an already sizzling Silicon Valley economy.

“It’s a little bit of bounce. It’s a little bit of fun bounce. And you know, right in the middle of everybody being pissed off at everybody else in Silicon Valley, hey, let’s enjoy winning some games,” said Dr. Wood.

At area restaurants and bars, managers are stocking up for an influx of customers.

April Seo says “SP2 Restaurant” near San Pedro Square is hosting the official South Bay watch party, as it did for last Saturday’s midday kick-off.

“It was a huge influx of people. Probably five-to-six times more than what we usually experience on a Saturday lunch,” said Seo, the restaurants general manager.

Seo and her managers are stocking up for Sunday’s game, which could catapult the Niners into the super stratosphere, and mean more good economic times. 

“There’s gonna be spillover in the biggest nearest downtown and that’s here,” said Knies.

The last time the 49ers won the Super Bowl was in 1995. Back then the parade was in San Francisco. It isn't clear where a potential victory parade would be held if they win it this year. It could be Santa Clara or San Jose.