49ers super fan lives in Packer territory

On the outside it's just a home in Wisconsin, but on the inside it's 1,600 square feet of pure 49er gold.

"It all started with my sister in 1979," said Darin Gilbertson. "She took me to my first Niner game. It was Montana’s rookie year and we went to Candlestick. It’s been over ever since." 

It was just beginning for the 57 year old super fan.  

Gilbertson spent his entire life in Amery, Wisconsin sandwiched between Green Bay and Minnesota. That’s over 2,000 miles from Levi’s Stadium, but you will not find a bigger man cave dedicated to nothing but Red & Gold.

"We’ve got everything from mannequins to helmets to footballs," said Gilbertson. "Multiple TV’s and special care for Jerry Rice and Joe because they are two of my favorites." 

215 signed jerseys line his basement walls.  160 of those hang from the ceiling, and much more.   There are dozens of autographed footballs, big screens, full fridges, a tricked-out Niner bathroom and a custom bar that he and his late father built in 1995 that kicked it all off.

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Darin has spent endless energy creating this Niner nirvana, and too much money to count.

"I’m not even sure I want to know that," said Gilbertson. "I can’t even put a number on that. It’s priceless to me really." 

It took years to convince his Packer wife to convert. His son and daughter didn’t have a choice, and neither did his dogs.

"My first dog was a boxer, his name was Niner," said Gilbertson. "He passed and we got another dog named Frisco. I also have a ’68 Camero with 49-SS custom plates on it, and I built an outdoor bar named Kezar that has and old International truck, gas pump and a scoreboard." 

On game-day he’ll be in his "cave" protected from the Packer faithful.

"I am the villain now, I’m the villain all week," said Gilbertson. "Packer fans have been quiet all season, and all of a sudden come into our house to knock out the number 1 seed? I just don’t see that happening."