5 homeless people shot, 2 killed in Las Vegas

Two people have been killed and three others were injured after a shooting in East Las Vegas Friday night.

Police in the area said this happened at a homeless encampment about nine miles north of the Vegas strip and confirmed all the victims are homeless. 

Police said the suspect is on the run and that the three who were injured are expected to survive. 

This shooting happened as a manhunt is underway in Los Angeles for the person who killed three homeless people in that area this past week. That series of homicides began on Sunday in South Los Angeles. A second killing happened on Monday and the most recent took place on Wednesday. Police said each victim was shot and killed in their sleep. 

City officials in L.A. are working to open emergency shelters in response and are urging homeless people to not sleep alone. 


Los Angeles manhunt underway for killer suspected in string of homeless murders

Los Angeles authorities are searching for a suspected killer believed to be on the loose targeting people sleeping alone outdoors. The LAPD believes that suspect is responsible for the murders of three homeless people in the past week.