60 cars vandalized around San Jose within 3 days

The new week brings reminders of a damaging and expensive past few days for some vandalism victims. 

San Jose police investigators said from Thursday to Sunday, 60 cars were broken into at various locations around the city.

“There was a rash of car break-ins over the last couple of days. I know the folks in this home had three cars vandalized,” said Willow Glen resident Bernie Day. 
Her neighborhood saw more than one-third of all cases. At least four cars were targeted on Camino Pablo and Whitehurst Court alone. Neighbors said no items were taken from the damaged property. The motive remains a mystery. 

“They’re just coming through, doing what they do, and then take off in just a matter of seconds it appears,” said Day. “It seems totally senseless to me because I don’t know what folks are gaining from it. And it’s just creating more heartache for people who are already suffering through hard times.”
In January, there was a similar spree in the 1400 block of Stokes Street, also in Willow Glen. A total of 12 vehicles had their side windows smashed. The San Jose police Burglary Unit believes three suspects are responsible for those crimes. But they escaped before officers arrived, and no one got a license plate number. Investigators have not disclosed if those actions are connected with the current spate of crimes. Now, neighbors hope for answers. 
“People really need to be cautious about where they have their vehicle parked,” said Day.
Some neighbors said they will hold a neighborhood video conference about the vandalism. The San Jose Police Department said they don’t have any suspect information in this case and ask anyone with information to call them.