67 pounds of marijuana concealed in a casket, seized near Willcox

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At an immigration checkpoint near Tombstone, Arizona, Willcox Border Patrol Agents stopped a hearse and found more than 67 pounds of marijuana concealed in a casket.

A white hearse was traveling north of Tombstone when the agents conducted an immigration vehicle stop at the intersection of highway 90 and highway 82. 

After several inconsistent statements with the driver and the overall unusual circumstance of a hearse being driven at night in the location, the agents had a Border Patrol canine unit check the hearse.

The canines detected an odor that led them to unload the casket and reveal multiple bricks of marijuana.

The marijuana in the casket is worth over $33,000.

Along with the bricks were several bags of manure in attempt to cover up the smell of marijuana.

The driver is a 28-year-old male U.S. citizen who was arrested for narcotics smuggling and is being processed for contraband smuggling per Tucson Sector guidelines. His name was not released.

The hearse and drugs were seized.