69-year-old Vietnam veteran plans to bicycle across the country for Wounded Warriors

Ron Davis is a 69-year-old U.S. Marine veteran who served in the Vietnam war, and he’s planning on doing something incredible to help raise money for wounded veterans: bicycling across the country by himself.

Starting March 31st, Davis will set off from San Diego, California, and ride his bike all the way to Ocean City, New Jersey, crossing 3,000 miles in between.

“All my peers think I’m insane,” Davis told Fox 4. “They’re probably correct, but they thought that before the ride.”

Davis recently defeated bone cancer. He says he was helped by the discipline and ability to overcome adversity he learned in the Marines. That’s why he wants to take the trip for his fellow veterans.

“Because of those lessons that I learned, I want to give back to all branches of the service,” he said. “To these heroes that need help.”

March 29th is officially National Vietnam War Veterans Day. It’s a day to acknowledge the 2.7 million Americans who served in Vietnam, the 304,000 who were wounded, and the 58,000 who were killed during the war. Ron Davis is one veteran who is definitely doing his part and then some.